Kathy Norcutt

Hi there, my name is Kat and I have been involved with CrossFit for 4 ½ years!

My passion for CrossFit developed quickly as I started seeing results immediately.

I am a mom to six children, and as a busy mom, I had developed some unhealthy habits over the years.  As the kids started leaving the house and those responsibilities that were holding me back from leading a healthier lifestyle were disappearing, I decided I needed a change. I guess you could say I went through an empty nest syndrome and realized that my life didn’t revolve around my children and their many activities anymore, so I decided to take my own health and well-being into my own hands.

Now that I have been doing this for a few years, I decided to pursue CrossFit to the next level and help those who are starting out. I began to educate myself within the health and fitness industry and look forward to whatever the future may bring with it!

I have always felt that the more knowledge you have in a specific subject, the better you are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. So when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to come on board CrossFit off the Grid.  I did so because I love helping people, and I love showing others what this community can do for them.

I have years of customer service experience, and pride myself in relating to all walks of life!


  • Two Brain 1:1 Coaching
  • Two Brain Group Coaching
  • CF-OL1