Tony Dzindzio

Tony heard about CrossFit from a friend who would constantly talk about it. He and his wife Tracie finally gave in, gave it a try and been doing CrossFit since July 2017.

Over the past 20 years, Tony has struggled with his weight and at one point was well over 400lbs. Feeling unhappy, no lie he told himself would change that feeling. After deciding to do a life saving surgery, he started losing weight but “Fat Tony” was still screaming in his head.
CrossFit was a way for him to help quiet the voices by working on his confidence, improving his mental health and learning better habits.
When COVID shut down the planet and closed the physical doors of CrossFit Off the Grid, Tony and Tracie decided to get some gym equipment and workout in the basement. They opened up their house to other 5:15am members and he was designated to lead the group. During that time he realized he enjoyed leading workouts and decided to complete the CF-OL1 certification.

Tony loves to work with members who are interested in improving their Spartan knowledge or tackling their first Spartan race. Tony’s wife Tracie is our Mindset coach and you will often see them working out together at 5:15am!

Remain or evolve.


  • CF-OL1
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Spartan Tri-fecta Finisher