CrossFit WOD, August 7, 2019

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Quick Shot Bingo

Coach’s Choice

Quick Shot Bingo
3 Rounds for Calories: w/ a partner!

In 3 Minutes:
40 Alternating Wall Ball Shots 20/14#

Max Cal Bike in remaining time

: 2 min rest between each :

* Must alternate each Wall Ball rep. Scale weight as needed
** Score is complete Cals in each round. Accumulate any way you desire.

*** 5 Min rest after completion of Round 3 ***

Quick Shot Bingo2
For time: Partner relay

3 x 400m Run each.

* WOD 2 to begin at :20 Min Mark.
** You go/I go. Must alternate each 400m Run
*** Modify to 400m Ski/450m Row/1200m Bike

Extra Work
Complete the daily ROMWOD!

Work on your Bingo sheets!