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CrossFit WOD, February 3, 2021

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Deep Fried Frenz

Coach’s Choice

Front Squat (E2M x 5, 4 Reps)
Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds, perform 4 Front Squats. Increase the weight each round, maintain form and positions and record your heaviest 4.

Deep Fried Frenz (Time)
For time: 12 Min Cap

Front Squat 75/55#
Lateral Burpee over Bar

Rx+ = 95/65#

* STIMULUS * Break up your bigger sets of Squats early to avoid disaster deeper into the workout. Pace your burpees but stay consistent. Two foot take off and 2 foot land for Rx Burpees.

Mods –
1.) Squat weight (FULL DEPTH PLEASE)
2.) No push-up burpees/Step in/out of burpee and over bar.

Extra Work