CrossFit WOD, February 8, 2021

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Coach’s Choice

Front Squat (E2M x 5, 4 Reps )
Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds, perform 4 Front Squats. Increase the weight each round, maintain form and positions and record your heaviest 4. Aim to increase by 5-10# from last week

Accordion (Time)
For time: 14 Min Cap

10 Alternating DB Front Rack Lunge
50 Double Unders
10 Alternating DB Snatch

Rx = 35/20#
Rx+ = 50/35#

* STIMULUS * Aim to use the same pair of DB for both lunges and Snatch. Modify movements as needed. Maintain steady output.

Mods –
1.) DB weight/DB Squat/Unweighted
2.) 100 Singles
3.) DB Weight

Extra Work
Weighted Step-ups (3 x 10-12 each leg)
KB or pair of DB held at your sides. Try to step straight up and not lean into your step.