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CrossFit WOD, July 2, 2019

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Fence Month

Coach’s Choice

Paused Push Jerks (E2Mx5, 3 Reps Increasing )
* 2 Second pause in the Dip and in Overhead postition
Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes, perform 3 Push Jerks off the rack with a 2 second pase in the dip and overhead position. Increase the weight each set and record your heaviest 3. Focus is positions and timing, not load.

Fence Month
15 Min EMOM:

2 Squat Cleans + 2 Push Jerks

Rx = 155/105#
Rx+ = 185/125#

Every minute for 15 minutes, complete 2 Squat Cleans and 2 Push Jerks. Push Jerks should be unbroken after the 2nd Clean.

Scaling – 1.) Barbell weight/Power Clean (135/95, 115/75, 95/65# etc.)

Extra Work
Alternating Barbell Reverse Lunge (3 x 10-12)
Increase the weight each set if comfortable.
Strict Pull-ups (3 x 6-8)
Scale up to weighted each round or down to banded.