Jen McMullen

At the age of 40, after living a mostly sedentary lifestyle, Jen decided that if nothing changes, nothing changes; so she started walking every day.

This led to a little running, and then a lot of running. After three years of nothing but running, she’d developed many new issues/injuries with tendons and ligaments. For a change, she thought she’d try obstacle course racing, but she needed to gain strength. In 2012, after driving by many times, Jen finally stopped into CrossFit Off the Grid to see what “CrossFit” was all about. She signed up and fell in love with it!
Jen has been a full-time homeschooling mom for the past 12 years. As her three children moved on to college, she was able to retire as a homeschool teacher and begin her transition into the world of coaching.  In preparation for the change of careers, Jen completed the CrossFit Level 1 course in 2016.
The most rewarding part about being a member of CrossFit Off the Grid was the community and camaraderie. Jen was thrilled with the encouragement that the group setting offered – both in classes and at competitions, where she competes as a Masters level athlete. She was also thrilled with the chance to encourage others. Two of her kids are members at Off the Grid (Jack and Jacey) and her husband enjoys participating in special WOD’s and events.
Jen helps introduce new members to the world of CrossFit by guiding them through our Intro and Foundation On-Ramp classes. She also helps lead the Fit Camp program.
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Masters Trainer
  • BA Agricultural Engineering – UDEL
  • Two Brain Coaching L2