When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?

A new city? A new restaurant? A new physical challenge?

I used to fear trying new things.

“What if I’m not good enough to do this?”
“What if I look like an idiot?”
“What will people say if I fail?”
“What if I’m not wearing the proper clothes?”

My first CrossFit workout conjured some of these thoughts. I still showed up, I tried my best and something changed in me that day.

I slowly started to welcome the idea of trying new things and deviating from the routine.

First a 5k race. Then a Duathlon. Then another 5k.
“Well 3 miles isn’t terrible let’s try 7.”
“Ok that wasn’t so bad, maybe one day we can do a 10 mile or half marathon!.”
“Let’s try a 3 mile obstacle course race.”
“Well, that was fun, how about a Spartan?”

CrossFit has given me the confidence to try new things and look at the world through a different lense.

CrossFit Off the Grid changed my life and I know we can help change yours too.

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