At CrossFit Off the Grid, we want to give you the tools you need to be successful on your health and fitness journey. We work vigorously to plan and program workouts that help our members to reach a variety of goals, but we know that for most people, nutrition is the missing link. Working out is important for mobility, strength, overall fitness, and weight loss… but you can’t outwork a bad diet.

Enter: Off the Grid Nutrition.

We know that pairing great workouts with a supportive environment and personalized nutrition coaching can help our members to get the body and health results that they have always wanted. You don’t just follow instructions in this program – you learn about your body and the nutrition it needs to reach your body composition, performance or health goals from the certified nutrition coaches on staff with Off the Grid Nutrition. The experts teach you how to be successful now and give you the skills to keep making better food choices long after your initial introduction.

Our Nutrition program includes one on one coaching, a user-friendly app for tracking and communication, access to our private Facebook group to share ideas and experiences, a personalized macro-nutrient plan, weekly check-ins, and dedicated Coaches who want to see you succeed!

CrossFit Off the Grid members can have “live” access to this amazing program through Coach Madison, who has her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and Coach Sean. You can contact Madison for more information at

Basic Nutrition Coaching

$ 165

Per Month
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Initial Consult and Assessment
  • Healthy Eating Info-graphs
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Weekly Online Check-ins
  • Bi-weekly Face to Face Check-in
  • Personalized Macro Plan
  • Trainerize App for Tracking
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Adanced AccountabilityMost Popular

$ 200

Per Month
    • 3 Month Commitment
    • Initial Consult and Assessment
    • Healthy Eating Info-graphs
    • Individualized Coaching
    • Weekly Online Check-ins
    • Weekly Face to Face Check-in
    • Personalized Macro Plan
    • Trainerize App for Tracking
    • Sample Grocery List
    • Graduate to on-going Nutrition Accountability – $90/ month
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Nutrition Accountability

$ 90

Per Month
  • Graduate to on-going coaching after 3 months
  • Basic Accountability = $75/ month
  • Weekly Online Check-ins
  • Tracking assistance
  • Strategic Planning
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“I’ve been asked why I started a nutrition program at 53. Well, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I started at CrossFit Off The Grid about a year ago and made some great progress but there were still some nagging issues. So I went to my coach, Madison, to talk about how nutrition could help.

I completed a 6 week challenge and came out with a completely different outlook on food and nutrition. I started tracking my food, counting macros and learning how my body reacts to different foods. It wasn’t easy to change but it becomes your lifestyle and not a “diet”. I hated giving up my morning Pepsi, but there are other good things out there to try!

Soon after finishing my challenge, our country fell into a pandemic and we were forced to quarantine at home. Many people talked about eating too much and gaining weight. I didn’t! I even lost a few pounds. I had new tools to live a healthier life!

My new eating habits are rubbing off on my friends and family too. My husband is eating better and feeling better too! He is ready to sign up with Coach Madison today!

Nutrition isn’t easy and can be frustrating. I have a thyroid condition and losing weight is a challenge. Coach Madison went above and beyond to research more information to help me.

This life isn’t meant to be traveled alone. Hook-up your nutrition with CrossFit OTG and make the trip around the sun a little bit easier. “

Patti D.6 Week Challenge

1. Why did you decide to take on the challenge?
After a few months of quarantine, I needed to lose weight and after 4+ years of macro counting, I know that I need accountability (that is not my husband) to stick with it.

2. What was your greatest accomplishment during the challenge? Getting back on track and making better choices

3. What has been your biggest takeaway from the challenge?
I needed a jump start, something to make me begin and not just say “I’ll start tomorrow”

4. Why would you recommend the challenge or Off The Grid Nutrition coaching?
Michael and I both had good experiences with our respective coaches, they were both proactive, available and helpful. I would definitely partake in another challenge!

Erin H.6 Week Challenge

"Tracking macros always sounded daunting but the 6 week challenge helped me develop habits that made it feel like second nature. I was still able to eat the things I loved and lose weight!

The knowledge of the coaches definitely helped me learn and do better throughout the whole process.

The goal of losing a pound a week was a success and I have been eating more than I ever have. More importantly I gained the knowledge and habit of tracking my food!"

Lauren M.6 Week Challenge

Kevin participated in our 6 Week Challenge at the beginning of the year. Here’s what he had to say!

🌟 Why take on the challenge?
To see what kind of results I could accomplish in six weeks and also to get the nutrition knowledge. Usually in the spring I’ll clean my eating up a bit and try to trim down a little bit. In doing so, I also seemed to loose strength and also felt tired once my weight would start to drop.

🌟 What was your greatest accomplishment during the challenge?
I was able to get on track to loosing weight while continuing to get stronger and faster! I was surprised to see how much I was still able to eat, which I enjoy doing and still be able to drop pounds each week while having plenty of energy and strength to keep building a better me.

🌟 What has been your greatest takeaway from the challenge?
I didn’t have to feel hungry in order to feel like I was dropping weight. Carbs and some fats are a good thing and my body is able to accept a lot more then I thought and still lean down to a healthier me.

🌟 Why would you recommend the challenge or Off The Grid nutrition coaching?
Madison is the best! She gave me the knowledge and tools necessary to accomplish my goals and kept me motivated the whole time while always making sure I was okay. I had serious doubts I would be able to stay on track for six weeks and be honest about it. I thought I would get bored with the food and would get hungry and cheat. That was far from the case. After the first 10 days or so of figuring things out, It really became easy to stay focused and was actually fun! My challenge ended at the beginning of COVID-19. The food hoarders messed up my routine a bit but I was able to adapt easily thanks to the knowledge I learned from Madison and the others from the group.

Kevin B.6 Week Challenge


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