CrossFit is the world’s premier strength and conditioning program. Based on functional movement, CrossFit will help you perform better in everything – from standing up off the couch, sitting up out of bed in the morning, or carrying your groceries, to running your first marathon, lifting those heavier weights, and everything in between! We also pride ourselves on having the most inclusive, diverse, fun and welcoming communities of any fitness community out there. Schedule your free class today!


Foundations Boot Camp is our wildly successful, introductory CrossFit program. We welcome people of any age (14 and older) and any activity level to join us 3 days per week for this fun, friendly, results-oriented Boot Camp which shows you all the basics of CrossFit in a small group environment with one-on-one attention. This program helps prepare you for regular CrossFit programming. We run our 4-week long Boot Camp every 6 weeks.

CrossFit Specialty Classes

CrossFit Specialty Classes provide the opportunity to learn and practice new skills with a small group and individualized attention. We have offered specialty classes focused on weightlifting (powerlifts and Olympic lifts), double unders, gymnastics movements, and more. We schedule these specific classes based on demand on focus areas in our programming for CrossFit.

Personal Training

Personal Training is available to any member or non-member who has specific goals they would like to meet. Whether they are performance goals, technique goals, aesthetic goals, or otherwise, we have coaches who can help you evolve. The personal training doesn’t have to be CrossFit specific and the sessions are scheduled one-on-one with the coach of your choice.

Foundations Classes

Foundations Classes is our accelerated on-ramp to CrossFit. One-on-one with a coach, anyone new to CrossFit will receive 4 one-on-one personal training sessions, followed by unlimited classes for the remainder of the month! During your personal training sessions, you will review the core CrossFit movements at the basic level to build upon once you join normal classes.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids (seasonal) is run by our certified CrossFit Kids trainer and combines fun and fitness to get kids active in the right way! Kids from 5-12 can come together, play games, make friends and sweat a little while learning the value of movement and health.

Other Member Services:

Other member services include yoga with Megan, nutritional counseling and guidance from a NASM certified Nutrition Coach, and a large network of other highly recommended health services providers. We also provide opportunities for members to come together as a community for fundraisers, 5k runs, fun events, and more.


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