The Five Pillars of Health are Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, Connection and Mindset. 

We all know the importance of taking care of the gray matter between our ears. But until now, we haven’t had a concise, systematic way of developing that.

We are so excited to be launching our Mindset Coaching Curriculum! 

If you’re someone who’d like to perform better in the gym, office, or home; who’d like to reduce stress and anxiety; who’d like to increase their happiness and focus (basically, if you’re a human being); we now have a step-by-step plan to help take your mindset, mood and mental well-being to the next level!

Right Tools, Right Order, Right Speed

Having a healthy mind is so important, but no one has ever taught you how to develop this.

There are so many great tools available, but they need to be implemented in the right order and at the right speed. It’s important to have someone to hold you accountable as you begin to engrain new mental models, ensuring you keep improving.

Our Mindset coaching does just that; teaching you the exact skills to improve your mindset, mood and well-being.

What is mindset and why is it important in everything you do?

You hear all these buzzwords ~ positive mindset, growth mindset, fixed mindset, improved mindset, effective mindset. Which one describes you? Are you holding yourself back because of the way you are thinking, and do you even realize it?

In our Mindset course, we define mindset as maximizing our ability to be fully present, positive, and productive.

Having a positive mindset does not guarantee success; nothing does. 

Having an improved mindset increases your odds of success. An effective mindset means you know why you are doing what you are doing, are able to bring your best effort and attention to the action, and ultimately are self-assured regardless of the outcome.

This course is individualized but will cover 15 qualities and practices of mindset over an 8–12-week period. The course includes 8 face–to–face sessions plus daily work on your mindset. These practices are easily implemented into your normal day-to-day routine.

The course helps build a foundational framework that applies to all areas of your life. By building an antifragile mindset, you have the ability to utilize it with your career, sports, family and friends.

Mindset matters! 

Change your words to change your mind.

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Mindset CourseMost Popular

$ 159.99

Per Month
  • Eight Week Program
  • Weekly Face to Face Check-in
  • Tools to Build an Anti-Fragile Mindset
  • Daily Mindset Tasks

Monthly Accountability Check-in

$ 39.99

Per Session
  • Face to Face Meeting
  • Monthly Goal and Accountability review
  • Customized Tools to Stay on Track
  • Weekly Mindset Tasks

Mindset coaching is meant to reflect your exercise and nutrition goals and well help you develop the skills to stay motivated, dedicated and focused. If you have any questions, feel free to contact or


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