Tracie Dzindzio

Tracie and her husband Tony started CrossFit in 2017 after hearing about Off the Grid from a close friend and have been loving it ever since.

Throughout her time at OTG, Tracie has had to shift her mindset in order to understand her individual strengths.  Starting CrossFit after forty requires an acceptance that you are not always going to Rx the workout and that is okay.

Tracie has completed two rounds of the OTG nutrition program.  Utilizing the mindset shift has been a valuable tool in her success with that program as well.

Understanding that everything we do starts with mindset and being accountable to ourselves is how we will be successful in every aspect of our lives.

Tracie has completed the Two Brain Mindset Coaching course.  She looks forward to working with anyone looking to improve their mindset, whether it’s with CrossFit, Nutrition or everyday life.


  • Two Brain Mindset Coaching
  • M.A. Social Work-Widener University
  • NJ Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor