4/18/2020, SUNDAY

A buddy of mine in Cape May lost a tree during the recent wind shear down there. It was a 35’ Cedar, 18” in diameter at the base. Not real big, but the way it fell was arduous. It fell over 3 property fences, and one shed roof. He got an estimate from a local Arborist, $950.00 with the stump ground down. That my friend is a true disgrace. $425.00 would be more than enough.

I told Steve that I can do the job. I’ve cut a lot of wood in my day, and this really isn’t a big job. What it does require is great balance, upper body strength and strong legs. Oh yea, and a good saw. You basically walk out to the end of the tree, and work your way back. In this case I was 12’ off the ground, a bit unnerving. Six months ago I would not have volunteered for this job quite so fast. But today not only was my buddy amazed at how fast I got the job done, so was I…

In 3 hours, 40 minutes I had the entire tree cut up, stacked and the yard cleaned up, no additional damage done to anybody’s property, or myself. I also pulled the entire stump out with my truck, nice and easy.

Charge to Steve: 3 Moscow Mules!

CrossFit has changed my body, and my mind. I thank you all. At 62 I’m kicking ass!

– Rick