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Youth Strength & Conditioning Program at CrossFit Off the Grid

Our Youth Sports Strength and Conditioning Program will ensure that athletes are staying fit and conditioned in the off-season with weekly programming focused on helping players to prepare for next season. General conditioning will promote strength and endurance gains, and will help to keep physical performance at a high-level all

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Spring Running Club & Broad Street Prep!

We are excited to announce our annual Spring Running Club! This year, we are running a 9-week training program which begins Sunday, March 4th. The goal for this year’s run program culminates with the Broad Street Run on Sunday, May 6th. This is a more challenging length run, which means that

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The Death of the “30-Day Nutrition Challenge”

This time of year, you’ll start seeing them pop up everywhere… Claiming to be able to help you lose weight and change your lifestyle, all within a 30-day timeframe. It’s the “30-Day Nutrition Challenge” time of year, and brace yourself it will sound enticing! Some food (no pun intended) for

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