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Finding the Positives on a Bad Day

Sometimes we believe that if we show up every day, eat right, train right and rest right, we believe that everyday will be a good day. We trick ourselves into thinking that we will constantly be improving, that our times will always be better than last time, that our lifts

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Childcare Services at CrossFit Off the Grid!

We love that our gym feels like a big family. We know it is important for everyone to make time for themselves and their health by taking 1 hour a day to workout. We also know, FIRST HAND, that it’s not always that easy! We are always sad when we

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It’s What’s In Between Your Ears That Matters, By: Coach Madison

Confidence is not what we’ve been told it is. “Despite everything we’ve been told, confidence does not come from the experience of winning. True confidence comes from knowing you can give your absolute best effort in any given moment. Wheelhouse workout? Hell yeah. Workout full of weaknesses? Let’s f*ckin go.

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New Experiences w/ Nick Seabock

When was the last time you experienced something for the first time? A new city? A new restaurant? A new physical challenge? I used to fear trying new things. “What if I’m not good enough to do this?” “What if I look like an idiot?” “What will people say if

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