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How Did We Get Here?

The first time I ever stepped into a CrossFit gym, I instantly felt a connection. My journey in the world of sport and fitness is unique and not necessarily a path I foresaw myself traveling. I am constantly looking for opportunities to gain more knowledge, experience new things, and push

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CHOP Spin-in Charity Workout

February Is Heart Awareness Month which is very important to the Martin Family! Greg and Tracy gave birth to twins in 1997 – Samantha and Alyssa – not only was it a complicated birth for Tracy, but Samantha was discovered to have a heart condition minutes after birth and was

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How Fitness Shortcuts Hurt Your Health

January 2 is International Shortcut Day! Yesterday, you set some New Year’s Resolutions. Today, you were thrilled to discover that you could achieve them all EASILY AND FAST in the next 30 days! Woohoo–what will you do with the rest of your year??! Of course, I’m referring to the get-lean-quick

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