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Staying Accountable During Travel!

This time of year, one question is on everyone’s mind: How do I track while I’m traveling and on vacation? Coach Madison breaks down a few simple solutions to ease your worries! First, if you are road tripping, the easiest thing you can do is to pack a cooler! Pack

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Cut the Fat!

Cut the what? You heard us, cut the FAT! Check out Coach Madison’s video on why it’s important to cut the fat in our diets and practical substitutes to help us do so! Why is it important to cut the fat? It’s important to note that we’re saying cut your

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When to cut the carbs!

Cut the carbs! How and when should you be cutting back on carbs? First up is the when. If you decide you want to create a caloric deficit (eating less calories than you burn) you could cut back on carbs. If your primary focus is on athletic performance in sport,

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How to Game-plan and Attack Murph!

Every year thousands of gyms and their members take on the annual Murph Challenge. What’s Murph? The workout starts with a 1-mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats, followed by another 1-mile run. The workout, like many CrossFit Hero WOD’s, is named for Lt. Michael

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Tips for reducing your calorie intake!

Ever wondered how you could save a little more calories for the things you LOVE to eat? What if what you love to eat can also be healthy and nutritious? Check out Coach Sean’s tips for getting in those veggies while eating the foods you love! 1. Meals -Use cauliflower

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How Do I Get My Kids Interested in Health and Fitness?

Your children actually adore you. They watch you. They want to be like you. They copy you. Yes, even the teenagers. Scary, huh? What you say and do on a daily basis is being absorbed subconsciously by them. Sponges. What does this mean? It means we have a grand opportunity

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The Stress Bucket

Let’s talk about the stress bucket! There are all types of stressors in our lives. Some are good, like a great workout. Other stressors are negative like a disagreement with your boss or a looming deadline. Everyone’s bucket is a different size so we can handle different amounts of stress.

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Caffeine Pro’s and Con’s

Have you ever wondered how caffeine effects the body? Is it helpful or is it harmful? Can it really boost your workout? Why we LOVE caffeine? 1) Helps us focus 2) Boosts our energy 3) Increases the body’s ability to burn fat Why we DON’T love caffeine? 1) Many add

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Protein…Not just for the Bro’s!

Protein is something that we as Coaches get questions on ALL the time. It is probably the most talked about supplement in most gyms, at least by my experience. So with that, let’s talk protein! What protein should I take? Should I be taking a protein powder? Recovery blend or

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