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Nutrition Myths: Plant Based Protein

As our Myth Busting series continues, Coach Madison breaks down how we CAN get enough protein in our plant based diets! The key with plant based diets when compared to animal based diets is to remember that animal proteins contain more protein per serving than plant based proteins. When following

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Nutrition Myths: Fats!

Does eating fat make your body store fat? Dietary fat does NOT make you store body fat!! Our body stores fat when we are eating a surplus of calories. We CAN eat a moderate or high fat diet and maintain our weight/ body composition. Some people even LOSE significant amounts

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Nutrition Myths!

With so much information readily available on the internet, it’s hard to decipher what’s true and what’s not when it comes to nutrition. It seems to be that each year there is the latest trending or fad diet that everyone is doing. That’s why our next series of topics are

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Hand Measuring Food

Over the past few weeks, we have broken down what is important. We have talked a lot about macros and why they can be an awesome way to meet your body fat or muscle gain goals. If all that sounded great but the thought of weighing all your food with

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“One Day” w/ Nick

I used to think that waking up before 10am was impressive. I envied those who were up at 6am and had already accomplished more than I would that entire day. I always thought “One day” but put off taking ownership and making the changes necessary to start living the reality

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