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Coach Madison’s Nutrition Journey

As we continue to share our stories as coaches, next up is Coach Madison! “If I were to talk about how we got to this point, in detail, we may need a few more chapters! So instead I’ll break it down to this: Having body and self image issues from

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What is a Nutrition Coach?

Ever wonder what it is exactly a nutrition coach does? Coach Madison breaks it down briefly to understand the differing roles of a nutrition coach vs a registered dietitian. A nutrition coach can become qualified from a few different avenues. These can range from certifications from accredited programs to receiving

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Meet our RD Jill Kalitz!

Everyone started somewhere, even our Nutrition Coaches! Today, Coach Jill speaks to how she got to this point and what made her want a career as a Registered Dietician. “Growing up I always had a good relationship with food, myself and my body image, until one day, I didn’t. The

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Nutrition Whiteboard – Pumpkin!

This weeks Nutrition Whiteboard is Pumpkin! YES PUMPKIN! Pumpkin is an impressively nutritious food. It’s packed with nutrients and has under 50 calories per cooked cup (245 g). It can be purchased canned, frozen or fresh like all other fruit. When buying canned (the most common source when cooking) be

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