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Intuitive Eating

Our next series is going to focus on intuitive eating as well as controlled treat days. Coach Jill tackles intuitive eating first and a few key things to keep in mind while practicing this method of eating. Intuitive Eating is a self-care practice that focuses on nurturing your body by

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Why We Sleep

Throughout our Advanced Theory Course, participants are tasked with a “Major Assignment” which includes choosing a chapter or concept from a book that resonates with them and teaching it back to the class. Michelle highlighted some incredibly important concepts from the book Why We Sleep by Matt Walker who is

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Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

Since starting our Advance Theory Course, I have been re-reading some core concepts from the CrossFit methodology. Most of these are ideas that are covered during the CrossFit Level 1 certification but it’s important to refresh your memory every so often. Let’s talk about Intensity. CrossFit changed my life in

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