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Know Your Why, a blog by Coach Nick

It’s 2017… its the time when people start asking themselves what they want to strive for this calendar year. Many of us are evaluating 2016, asking ourselves what we want to change, improve, or even rid ourselves of in 2017. You may have already made your “resolutions” for 2017, but there’s

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NEW! Corporate Wellness Programs @ CrossFit Off the Grid

CrossFit Off the Grid is excited to announce that we now offer Corporate Wellness Program options for businesses who want to take their employee wellness offerings to the next level! Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to support healthy behavior in the work environment and to improve health outcomes for employees. According

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From “Mean Girl” to CrossFitter, a Blog by Barb

CrossFit has made me a better person. Let me give you the context: I was a “mean girl” most of my life. My mom always taught me to treat people nicely, I was raised in the Catholic Church, I participated in community service… but I was kind of a mean

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