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The ABC’s of Heart Health

Do you know your ABCs of Heart Health? Coach Jill, RD breaks it down in a fun and easy way to remember! A: Hemoglobin A1c is an average of your blood sugar level over a 3 month time frame. High A1c levels can lead to complications of Diabetes and Heart

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Run Club 2021!

Run Club starts on Sunday, March 7th @ 10am! No matter if you’re a novice runner or an experienced Ultra runner, Run Club is for you! The goal for this year’s run program is to prepare you for whatever upcoming races you may have. We are planning on hosting a

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CrossFit Open…Why?

The CrossFit Open is just 5 short weeks away! Why do the Open you ask? Remember gang, the Open is for anyone. “Why should I register? I’m not going to the Games.” Well no, honestly not many people are but that’s not a reason to not participate. Personally I think

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American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month! This is a time when the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) urges Americans to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. In the U.S., the average age for a first heart attack in men is 65. That’s why coronary artery disease is labeled a

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Intuitive Eating – Final Principle

And finally, our last Intuitive Eating Principle! Principle 10 is probably the most important out of all the Intuitive Eating Principles: Honor Your Health. What we mean by this is we want you to make food choices that that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel good.

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Intuitive Eating Principles 7-9

Last week we continued to discuss the topic of Intuitive Eating and covered some additional principles. This week we will cover three more and move on to intuitive eating principles 7-9! Number 7 is addressing emotional eating with kindness. Constant or long term restriction can often lead to emotional feelings tied

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Intuitive Eating Continued!

This week we’re continuing on with the next set of Intuitive Eating Principles! Last week we broke down the first 3 principles, reject the diet mentality, honor your hunger, and make peace with food. As we dive into the next 3 principles remember to keep the first three in mind

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Treat Day!

Our next topic for this week is having a controlled “treat” day. Many of you have probably heard the term of having a “cheat day,” but at Off the Grid nutrition we believe mindset is everything. What diet is there to “cheat” on if we’re aspiring for healthy lifestyle changes?

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Intuitive Eating

Our next series is going to focus on intuitive eating as well as controlled treat days. Coach Jill tackles intuitive eating first and a few key things to keep in mind while practicing this method of eating. Intuitive Eating is a self-care practice that focuses on nurturing your body by

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Why We Sleep

Throughout our Advanced Theory Course, participants are tasked with a “Major Assignment” which includes choosing a chapter or concept from a book that resonates with them and teaching it back to the class. Michelle highlighted some incredibly important concepts from the book Why We Sleep by Matt Walker who is

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