Childcare Services at CrossFit Off the Grid!

We love that our gym feels like a big family. We know it is important for everyone to make time for themselves and their health by taking 1 hour a day to workout. We also know, FIRST HAND, that it’s not always that easy! We are always sad when we don’t get to see everyone’s cute babies and kids, and even worse when we don’t see our awesome members because they don’t have a sitter or don’t want to drag their kiddos to the gym.

Which is why we are SO excited to announce that beginning Monday, November 25th, we will be offering child care at CrossFit Off the Grid! Elle Crawford will be available to watch your kids and keep them safe and happy while you have an uninterrupted workout.

Childcare hours*:

Monday & Wednesday: 3:30-close

Saturday: 7:30-10:30am

*Hours subject to change. Holiday


One Child Per Class Rate: $5

Monthly Unlimited 1 Child: $35/month

Monthly Unlimited 2+ Children: $55/month

Please ensure that your child has their own food/snacks and drinks/cups during this time. If you have any questions, or if you want to sign up for the monthly plan, be sure to reach out to [email protected].



This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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