Cut the Fat!

Cut the what?

You heard us, cut the FAT!

Check out Coach Madison’s video on why it’s important to cut the fat in our diets and practical substitutes to help us do so!

Why is it important to cut the fat?

It’s important to note that we’re saying cut your fat portions but not all the fat from your diets. Fats play an important role in brain function and hormone regulation.

Fats are the most calorically dense macronutrient, meaning it is easy to ingest a lot of fat while not eating an abundance of food. By monitoring our fats we are more likely to maintain our caloric deficit and lose body fat.

What can you do to cut down your fat consumption?

Look for easy alternatives to foods you already love. Do you love cheese and sour cream? Great! Look for the fat free versions of these, not only are they going to be less fat but these substitutes will typically have a little more protein associated with them as well.

Start reading the nutrition labels on your meats! How lean are they?

What do you mean by substituting?

When creating a recipe, it always calls for some sort of fat (milk, eggs, butter or oil) but the same recipe can also use fat free yogurt in replace of these fattier ingredients. By doing so you are lowering the fat content of your creation while also making it a more calorie friendly option to enjoy!

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