Fit in :45 is BACK!

CrossFit Off the Grid is excited to bring back our Fit in 45 classes starting Tuesday, September 3rd @ 5:30pm!

Fit in 45 is a group class designed to improve overall fitness. The class will include a warm-up, interval style workout, and cool down ALL within 45 minutes. We will utilize rowers, bikes, boxes, dumbbells, kettlebells and your own body weight for this class (no barbell movements). It is designed to benefit a broad audience, no need to be intimidated.

Who should take this class:

If you’re interested in checking out CrossFit, and have seen the great results our members have had, this is a great class for you.
If you’re looking to improve your aerobic capacity to reach goals in CrossFit, running, biking or swimming, this class is for you.
If you are interested in losing weight in a supportive, friendly environment, this class is for you.
If you are a high school athlete in the off season, this class is for you.
If you want to get a great workout in, but all the machines at the Globo Gym intimidate you.
Let us help you achieve your fitness goals by providing you with quality programming within our motivating and inspiring community at CrossFit Off the Grid.

Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:30pm

Cost for Fit in 45:
5 session package for $45
10 session package for $90
(sessions do not expire.)

5 session package for $20
10 session package for $45
(sessions do not expire.)

Classes are capped at 10 athletes, so we recommend enrolling early and reserving your spot in classes in advance!

Interested in signing up? Email me at [email protected] to register!



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