Hand Measuring Food

Over the past few weeks, we have broken down what is important.

We have talked a lot about macros and why they can be an awesome way to meet your body fat or muscle gain goals. If all that sounded great but the thought of weighing all your food with a food scale and entering everything into an app is stopping you from taking the first step this post is for you!

If you are ready to take that first step and want to keep it simple, try hand measuring foods!

This system allows you to use your eye to portion out your meals and saves the time of weighing and measuring foods and using an app.

This will work the best with Whole Foods. Highly processed and mixed dishes, like a chili or lasagna, won’t work well with hand measuring.

For women:
3x a day eat
1 Palm sized serving of protein
1 Fist size serving of vegetables
1 Cupped hand of a carbohydrate source
1 Thumb sized serving of an added fat

For men:
3x a day eat
2 Palm sized serving of protein
2 Fist size serving of vegetables
2 Cupped hand of a carbohydrate source
2 Thumb sized serving of an added fat

These recommendations are a starting point!

You will want to evaluate how you feel eating this quantity and add/remove some food as needed. In general, the carbs and fats should be removed before any protein or vegetables!

If you find yourself not seeing the results you had hoped, start to add/subtract portions as needed!

If you need the help of a Coach, contact [email protected] to us to learn more about CrossFit Off the Grid Nutrition!



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