Heading into the CrossFit Open…

Heading into the Cycle Before The CrossFit Open

Weightlifting- This will be much more open and not as regimented. We will still lift but won’t have a set pattern to follow in this cycle. The lifting will shift towards more progressive loading during sessions. We will be working up to heavy sets of weight vs. staying at the same weight for all the sets. Think of this time of year as a time to maintain what we have already built and focus on using that new strength to make us faster.

CrossFit- We will continue the shift to higher volume, lower weight, and classic CrossFit style workouts. The goal here is to increase everyone’s work capacity as we head into the open. The strength work has been completed and now it is time to push our lungs and muscles to the limits. Top movements in this timeframe will be things such as: burpees, thrusters, overhead squats, pull-ups, box jumps, lighter Olympic lifts, wall balls, along with lighter power lifts. Historically, these have been the movements that typically dominate the CrossFit open every year so these are the ones that we will keep as our focus. There will be a gradual increase in volume over the next few months and the WODs will be very challenging as always. Classes will be structured to continue to drill the basics and make sure we aren’t throwing too much at you at once. If we can be great at the basics we can improve so much more overall as athletes. The progress you guys have made over the last 8 months has been awesome to watch every day. Keep training hard and your hard work will continue to pay off.

See You Soon,

Coach Kenny



This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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