Intuitive Eating Principles 7-9

Last week we continued to discuss the topic of Intuitive Eating and covered some additional principles.

This week we will cover three more and move on to intuitive eating principles 7-9!

Number 7 is addressing emotional eating with kindness. Constant or long term restriction can often lead to emotional feelings tied to eating or even result in binging. Being hard on yourself after this won’t address the underlying cause. Try to remember how you feel after emotionally eating, this is usually not a great feeling, and then try to identify the issue that causes it.

Number 8 is Respecting your body. We are all a product of both nature and nurture. In the case of our physical appearance we are currently a product of our genetics we were given and how we have nurtured our body. We need to accept that while we CAN make changes to our physique we are always going to have our own unique appearance from our genetics. Accepting this along your nutrition journey will ensure a better mindset along the way.

Number 9 is movement! This means moving because you can and if you choose to workout moving WELL! Soul crushing grinding workouts or punishing yourself for eating with monotonous calorie burning sessions will only wear you down. Align your eating with your workouts and focus on eating enough to fuel your preferred form of movement/ exercise. This will ensure you enjoy training and eating!

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This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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