*NEW* Unlimited PLUS Membership & Skill Sessions Available!

We are excited to announce that we are launching two new offerings at CrossFit Off the Grid!

Unlimited PLUS Membership

This membership option is for anyone who is able to take the extra time before/after workouts to do MORE. For people who haven’t been able to consistently RX workouts, or who would like to perform better in the CrossFit Open 2018, this option could be for you. This is a monthly membership where you will be provided with:

  • Unlimited Gym Access (all class times, as many visits per week as you like)
  • 5 days of ADDITIONAL work, averaging 30-40 minutes, which aligns directly to the lifts/WODs programmed during regular class times
  • Drills, mobility, and extra work focused on building additional strength, speed, or technique in KEY performance areas (like oly weightlifting, gymnastics, and overall conditioning)
  • Access to The Fit Bot, where the extra work will be posted and results can be recorded
  • The ability to upload ONE video per week of a designated advanced skill/lift for video feedback and critiquing by Coach Sean

For those who want to continue to improve in their workouts in preparation for the Open, local competitions, or just overall performance, this membership option is a great fit. Please note that at this time, the programming will not be specifically tailored to the individual, but as with any workout or lift, scaling options will be available. You do NOT need to be an advanced athlete to participate, this membership option is open to anyone. Only those enrolled in this membership will get to see and take part in the additional programming. All extra work must be performed upstairs, in the cardio space (former lobby), or off to the side (when performed during regular class hours).

When: The programming for this membership plan will begin on September 11th, 2017, but people may join this membership at any time

Who: Any current member of CrossFit Off the Grid, or any new member (who has already participated in Foundations or Boot Camp)

Cost: $199 per month (think of this as just $10 per week for 2.5-3.5 hours of additional programming)

For more details, or to enroll in the Unlimited PLUS membership, e-mail [email protected]

Skill Sessions

For athletes who have very specific goals or gaps that they would like to improve upon, we are also now offering 30-minute Skill Sessions with Coach Nick and Coach Sean. These Skill Sessions can be scheduled to:

  • Conduct a quick consultation with the athlete to identify their desired skill/lift to improve
  • Perform a quick observation/analysis of the athlete’s current capability in their designated skill/lift
  • Create and perform an individualized set of drills to improve on the skill/lift, including real-time analysis via Coaches’ Eye video/camera movement analysis tool
  • Coaching on technique and areas of improvement
  • “Homework” on types of drills to perform (and reps/how often) to continue improvement over time

When: You may schedule directly with your choice of Coach Sean ([email protected]) or Coach Nick ([email protected]) effective immediately

Who: Any Members or experienced non-members who would be interested in improving a skill via a session with one of our coaches

Cost: $40 per session, or $175 for 5 sessions (a $25 savings!)

For more details, or to schedule a 30-minute Skill Session, please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

We are excited to offer new options for people who want to perform at a higher level, while still having the benefit of participating in regular classes with our amazing community as well. #communityovereverything

For overall questions, please contact [email protected]




This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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