Pints of Ice Cream and Current Events – by Mike Hensh

Back in June of 2015 I found myself with a pint of ice cream in my right hand and a bag of potato chips in my left (Herr’s Salt & Vinegar). 

As I looked down to this large belly sticking out of my shirt, I thought to myself, I need to do something different. My wife turned me onto Crossfit Off the Grid and I was hooked. I fell into a wonderful routine with the 5:15 am class. Met some wonderful people that I became great friends with, the coaching staff was top notch! Focusing on technique and form (Which I desperately needed). This gave me the motivation I was looking for to change my eating habits. 

I was on the road to a better version of myself. And I was feeling great doing it! Lost the belly and the fat throughout my body (Never knew how much fat I had until it was gone!!!)

Fast forward to March 17th of 2020, BAM the World shuts down due to COVID19! 

OMG! What am I to do? What first thought was my 5:15am workout at my box (Crossfit Off the Grid). Without my morning workout with people I’ve come to love was gone! But NO, the owner and the coaches rallied and put together a Plan B COVID19 workout using Zoom & FaceBook Live. Allowed the members to sign out equipment for the entire “Stay at Home” order from the Government. Also adding our own COVID Open, creating a social media community to keep us all sane during this crazy time. 

Staying connected!

The workouts are the same, the training is the same, correcting my technique and form is the same, the sweat is the same, the sore muscles are the same, the breathing hard OMG I hate this workout is the same (LOL!!!) And knowing if I don’t log on for a day or two, one of my coaches reaches out and asks how I’m doing. The motivation is the same, the only thing different is being able to fist pump my fellow box buddies!

I’m fortunate to have such a wonder crossfit box and the owner, Nick Seabock, is doing a fantastic job with keeping his members happy. I highly recommend Crossfit Off the Grid!

Body in motion stays in motion – at least mine does.

Be safe,

Michael Hensh



This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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