Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Off the Grid!

If you haven’t already heard, for the FIRST time we are hosting the Rookie Rumble competition JUST for Beginners and Intermediate Level athletes.

We are hosting it right here at CrossFit Off the Grid (your home turf!). If you’ve never competed before, this is a perfect way to try it out. You’ll be at your home gym, surrounded by the athletes and coaches that you already know, doing workouts that are similar to the ones you do here every week.

The event consists of 3 short workouts in total throughout the day (with a long break in between the workouts) performed by athletes who either fall into the Beginner or Intermediate categories.

The movements are simple and the weights are light enough to do without risk of injury or not being able to do them with proper form.

The workouts and weights are on, so you will know exactly what you are in for! We will try to lower the intimidation factor as much as possible so ALL of our newer and intermediate (not Rx) level athletes can participate in this. We encourage you to practice these workouts as often as possible and we may even do them in the gym as part of a class soon.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW, so get yours ASAP! to get entry into the most FUN day at the gym all year!

PS – Not sure if you are a Beginner or Intermediate? Test out some of the movements and weights, and/or check with your coach before you sign up. You can always switch divisions if needed, as it gets closer. Not sure if you are too advanced for Rookie Rumble? Ask a coach! Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’ who shows up, knowing they aren’t really rookie status – it takes away the fun for the others!



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