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How to Refer Your Friends!

Summer is winding down and back to school shopping is kicking up. You’re going to be seeing other folks and your friends at registration day, the drop off and pick up line, and at the wonderful back to school nights. And because you’ve been working so hard and have been

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How to Game-plan and Attack Murph!

Every year thousands of gyms and their members take on the annual Murph Challenge. What’s Murph? The workout starts with a 1-mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats, followed by another 1-mile run. The workout, like many CrossFit Hero WOD’s, is named for Lt. Michael

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What’s Your Checklist?

Have you ever walked up to a barbell, went to pick it up, and everything felt wrong? During each class, the coaches do their best to reiterate the major points of what we should be looking for or feeling when we do a certain lift. Examples such as maintaining a

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Postpartum Training Mindset pt. 2 w/ Coach Kelly

How do you get a solid core when sit-ups and V-ups are now almost impossible? When many people think about core work, they think of sit-ups, V-ups, and hollow rocks. Working your core goes way beyond that. If done right, most exercises can be considered core work. Without the strength

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What’s a BCAA?

The other day in class, I was asked what exactly are BCAAs? Do we need them? How do they help us? What do they actually DO? BCAA’s Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis (mTOR). We lift weights and train to build bigger stronger muscles, duh, but exactly how does the building process

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Post-Partum Mindset w/ Coach Kelly

Working out while you’re pregnant or in the postpartum period can be challenging and confusing in many ways. There are so many opinions on what exercises to do and what not to do, you’re suddenly way more aware of your bladder, and you’re wondering if you’ll ever have a functioning

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Hydration Tips!

If you haven’t noticed this week it is HOT! One of the most important habits this time of year is to keep up with your water intake. Here are a couple questions that we get this time of year in regards to hydration: 1. How much water should I be

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Coach Madison and Supplementation

Most people in the fitness world have an idea of supplements. They usually know of the most popular, whey protein, BCAAs, and pre workout. But what most don’t know is that if you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, you should be receiving all these nutrients and more without the use

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Hydration and Heat Acclimation

Summer is almost here, which in New Jersey means hot days and humidity we all dread hearing about. As we head into the warmer months of the year, it’s time to start thinking about proper hydration and modifying workouts to stay safe but maintain their stimulus. How Much Water Should

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What Should I Eat Before Murph?

Are you planning on tackling the Murph Challenge this weekend? As nutrition coaches one of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “What should I be eating before I workout?” Murph is no exception to this question, especially because of how challenging it can be! Here are a few

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