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Holistic Eating

Have you ever heard the term “Holsitic Eating”? Have you ever wondered what exactly that means? Coach Madison breaks it down for you! When the term Holistic Eating is being used, it’s referring to eating healthy foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Examples of holistic

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Goal Setting w/ Coach Kate

When I filled out my athlete profile on the CrossFit Games site a few years ago there was a box you could check that stated, I Have Had A Life Changing Experience As A Result Of CrossFit. This may sound dramatic to some, but for many reading this blog you

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Nutritional Hierarchy: Supplements

Let’s finish up this hierarchy! At the very top we have the smaller piece of the pyramid, supplements and hydration. While we do want to stay hydrated, especially this time of year, this will not have a large impact on our body composition change. The one that always seems to

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Nutritional Hierarchy: Food Composition

Next up on the pyramid, we have food composition, quality and micronutrients. These, sadly, account for 10% or less of the battle when it comes to making changes in body composition. This doesn’t mean we should be eating pizza and doughnuts ALL the time. It does mean that if we

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Kids? Who me?

I never wanted to have kids. At least that’s what I told myself throughout my twenties. Anyone who has know me over the past 10 years can attest to my adamant declarations of my #nokid policy.  I would use excuses like; “Well I have too much I want to accomplish.”

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Nutritional Hierarchy: Nutrient Timing!

Next on the nutritional hierarchy; Nutrient Timing! Nutrient timing which is also known as meal timing, refers to how calories and macronutrients are assigned relative to time throughout the day. The 6 factors that Coach Madison mentions are the number of meals, meal spacing, meal size, meal macro content, meal

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The Nutritional Hierarchy: Macros!

The next phase of the nutritional hierarchy you ask? Macros of course! After completing the first step of finding your caloric need, it’s time to figure out your caloric make up or in other words your macros. Macros are important because they help our body to function properly. When configuring

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Unwritten Rules of the Gym

What are some unwritten rules at the gym? We all know our experiences at CrossFit Off the Grid are unique and special. What are some things you can take away from this list and enhance the experience of others? 1. Be honest. It’s easy to lose track of rounds and

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The Nutritional Hierarchy

Let’s start with the base of the pyramid! Keeping track of your calories, or energy in vs energy out, is a great way to make changes to your body and health. Eating less than you need or more can create significant changes. Total energy in vs energy out accounts for

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Summer Party Tips!

Does heading out to summer parties make you anxious because you’re worried about your nutrition? Don’t let it with these tips from Coach Madison on how to prepare heading out to those summer parties. The biggest tip for success? Eat before you head to the party! Heading to the party

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