Welcome to CrossFit Off the Grid, Coach Sean McAvinue!

Many of our members have already had the chance to start getting to know Sean. We are excited to finally announce that beginning TOMORROW, May 1st, he is officially with us full time as a coach at CrossFit Off the Grid! Sean brings with him a lot of experience, expertise, but also humility, new energy, and positivity. We are so happy he is joining our team… our FAMILY at CrossFit Off the Grid. Members can see when Sean is coaching in the Wodify schedule, so make sure you hit up his class and say HI!

Here is a little bit more about our new addition:

Sean walked in the doors of CrossFit Off The Grid in early 2012 with very little knowledge of what he was in for. Thankfully he was instantly hooked and although his schooling and work lead him towards the coast he landed right back where it all started in early 2017.

As a coach, athlete, judge/referee Sean has aimed to experience as much as possible and learn from every amazing coach and athlete he has met along the way. All these experiences have shaped how he coaches and connects with athletes. As a coach Sean strives to keep all his athletes safe, having fun, and getting in a challenging workout. Sean tends to be a bit of a technician and loves the challenge of coaching more advanced lifting and gymnastics.

Sean is often commended for his patience during class and his readiness to spend extra time one on one with athletes after class. He is knowledgeable in nutrition, all types of weightlifting, gymnastics skills, endurance training, as well as general movement and mobility. Don’t hesitate to pick his brain on any of these topics.

Sean also designs personal programs for athletes and has years of experience offering personal training sessions to help athletes target and meet their goals. Reach out to him if you want to achieve a fitness goal!

-B.S. Public Health Stockton University
-A.A. Health and Physical Education RCGC
-CrossFit Level 1
-CrossFit Level 2
– CrossFit OLY lifting
-Attitude Nation Level 1 OLY lifting
– CrossFit Movement and Mobility
-Opex level 1 Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Business systems
-Power Monkey OLY and Gymnastics Seminar
-Juggernaut Performance Summit
-OPEX/OPT athlete Camp (2013/2016)




This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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