Yoga For All! A Call to Action from Erin Hensh

We all have that friend, you know the one… “oh I could never do Crossfit, I’m not fit enough, I could never do all those exercises!” And, no matter how many times you explain about scalability, etc, they still don’t believe you.

I’ve noticed a similar pattern in CrossFitters whenever I talk about Yoga. We’re so lucky our gym offers such a well-rounded approach to fitness but not many people take advantage of this option.

Our coaches are so good at taking us through workout specific warm-ups at the beginning of each WOD and quite often, throw in yoga stretches. It’s those times, that someone will comment on my flexibility and my immediate response is “yoga!” That’s when I get the “ugh I’m not flexible enough for yoga” responses.

Wait, what?

Could you do a box jump/snatch/pull-up/double-under/bar muscle-up/fill in the blank here with anything you couldn’t do before CrossFit, when you started CrossFit?

Guess what, Yoga is scalable too! There are foam blocks, bands, and Bethany is there to guide you in every variation of each movement.

I’m, by no means, a fitness expert but my basic understanding is that we tear down our muscles all week in the hopes that they will heal stronger and give us that killer muscle definition we all strive for. Yoga, in response, helps those muscles recover. Who doesn’t want that?

That methodical series of slow, deliberate movements seem to elongate and heal those muscles we’ve worked on all week. Don’t get me wrong, by slow and deliberate, I do not mean easy, it’s intense and I leave the class in a full sweat.

I get that Sunday’s can be a difficult day to get to the gym but if you’re already part of the 7-day-a-week club, skip open gym a few times and discover how a focused stretch can be healing and, after a few sessions, can make your CrossFitting so much easier. Wouldn’t you love to have a deeper squat, a quicker snatch, an easier burpee? (OMG Yes, please!!)

And at the end, Bethany covers your eyes with a cool scented cloth and gives you a quick shoulder massage! That right there’s worth the price of admission!

So, see you Sunday?

Note: Recovery Flow Yoga is offered by Yoga by Bethany every Sunday at 11:15am. You do not need to be a member to attend! Recovery Flow is $10/class or $35 for 5 sessions (a $15 savings!). For more info, contact [email protected]



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