Celebrate yourself! A Quick Reminder by Coach Kate

Something has really been BOTHERING the otherwise very cheery and smiley Coach Kate lately, and she wanted to take a moment to write you all something about it!

I hope I grabbed your attention!

Whether I have been coaching or attending a class over the last few months, I have noticed a gold star on Wodify next to a member’s name. For those of you unfamiliar with Wodify, a gold star is a symbol that you set a personal record (PR) on a workout or lift. I have gone to congratulate them only to find they have slipped out of the gym without any recognition. If I do find them, often their response sounds something like, “Yea, but I should be able to lift 10 more pounds,” or “It took me 6 months to do that,” or “My partner finished the workout 2:00 faster…

My short message to you is to ALWAYS celebrate a PR. Here is why I believe very strongly in this message:

  1. Life is hard. Really hard sometimes. We should take any opportunity we have to congratulate ourselves and value our hard work. It seems like there are always plenty of people and situations trying to pull us down, so let’s take any opportunity we have to build ourselves up.
  2. It is NOT boasting, arrogant or conceited to take a minute to value your hard work and achievements. We have built an amazing community in the four walls of this CrossFit gym. Your coaches and fellow members want to see you succeed. They also want to celebrate right along side of you. Watching others achieve goals and seeing the look of satisfaction on their face is motivating. We need to learn to feel comfortable congratulating ourselves and accepting compliments.
  3. It does not have to be fitness-related either. Let us know if you have lost a couple pounds, got a promotion at work, acquired a new degree, got off some medication, styled your hair three times this week (no, just me?!) ANYTHING that makes you proud.
  4. We would love to be in your corner cheering you on. When we support each other, incredible things can happen.

I can promise you, if you ever take a class with me and I hit a PR, you will know. I will clap, cheer and smile BIG. Trust me, I know my strengths, weaknesses, and am very self aware. I know somewhere a 13 year old girl is warming up with my PR weight, but I don’t care! I am on my journey and feel comfortable celebrating any spotlight of success along the way.

-Coach Kate



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