CHOP Spin-in Charity Workout

February Is Heart Awareness Month which is very important to the Martin Family!

Greg and Tracy gave birth to twins in 1997 – Samantha and Alyssa – not only was it a complicated birth for Tracy, but Samantha was discovered to have a heart condition minutes after birth and was transported within hours to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

With a discovered Congenital Heart Disease and then later Dilated Cardiomyopathy diagnosed – it has been a reality for many years that Samantha may need a heart transplant someday. Samantha has lived a wonderful life even though some days were rough with many heart procedures, stays in the hospital and scary times not knowing what may happen to her day to day. She currently has just graduated college and holds a job at Jefferson University in the Neurosciences Department for their fundraising. Sometimes, this family wondered if she would even make it out of high school without a transplant.

We could go on and on telling this story about Samantha, but the main purpose of participating in the Philly Spin In is not only for people like Samantha, but ALL the kids in the area that visit CHOP and have heart issues and some living there for months waiting on hearts. CHOP has been an established part of The Martin’s life and especially Samantha’s. She not only volunteers at this event, but last year spoke and told her story in front of all the riders and participants. Every single visit, stay in the hospital or any interaction at CHOP has been positive and all because of this cardiac department and what they have done for Samantha and so many others. So if you are participating in the event – THANK YOU.

You will experience not only fun, but deep and warming stories and many children fighting heart conditions. If you are willing to donate – THANK YOU….because every single penny makes a difference and Greg, Tracy and Samantha can tell you first hand – it truly helps every single child. These donations also help cardiac research which may also benefit Samantha in the near future by a new medication that may stop her from having to have a heart transplant and keep her heart going as long as possible. Make a difference if you can – donate or participate – or just share this story – make a difference like the Martin’s always try to do not only for Samantha, but for every child!

This year our CrossFit Off The Grid Family is joining the Martin Family in their support! Many members are already signed up to join in the Philly Spin-In being held on March 8th which is a massive spin-in event that raises money for Cardiac Research! Also in February, we will be holding a special WOD where we will take donations towards our Spin In Team – Samantha’s Spinners! Samantha also participates in volunteering at events for CHOP because she fights not only for herself, but others to get through life like she has – with a great support system – CHOP.

Come and workout and test your cardio when others are unable to do this – be part of what Samantha and other children cannot and be part of giving back – CrossFit Off The Grid is ready – are you? Last year many of our own took part in the Philly Spin-In Event and not only had a great time, but worked out for such an amazing cause and something so personal to The Martin Family.

See Nick Seabock or Greg Martin if you wish to join the Philly Spin-In Event being held on March 8th OR come and join the WOD on February 15th and donate to our team to help us raise our goal!!!

Join us on Saturday, February 15th for a special charity workout to help support our team!

Donate to the team –…



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