Coach Madison and Supplementation

Most people in the fitness world have an idea of supplements.

They usually know of the most popular, whey protein, BCAAs, and pre workout. But what most don’t know is that if you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, you should be receiving all these nutrients and more without the use of supplements.

So why do people still use them?

Coach Madison here guys, and I’ll be the first to say, when Coach Jill and I revamped how we wanted Off the Grid Nutrition to be, we didn’t even think about including supplements.

We strive to help everyone eat those healthy, whole, meals so that they don’t need supplements.

So what’s changed?

Recently we’ve started working with Driven Nutrition and for a specific reason.

When looking over their catalog of products, it’s not just the crazy fitness person’s supplements. There are multivitamins, omegas, fish oils, alongside the whey proteins, casein, BCAAs, and pre workout.

Supplements are just that SUPPLEMENTS!

They are designed to help you get a little more of what you might be missing. For me, a huge gap in my wellness wheel was sleeping.

I would have days where I slept great, then others where I would sleep awful. I couldn’t find the pattern of what would throw those days off. I knew I needed a change. So when I read about the Rest and Recovery, I knew I needed to try it.

I was hooked from day 1!

It has become an important part of my night time routine and now even my significant other uses it nightly. We get up, ready to tackle the day, and have a great workout. Mentally I have felt so clear that I feel more present in my life. I recommend it to everyone I speak to, especially if they have had similar experiences with sleep.

Sine then I’ve started to incorporate BCAAs into my post-wod routine, along with whey protein. Everything tastes delicious and I couldn’t be happier with these products!

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