Consistency Q&A w/ Ritual Coaching

Whether you work out because you value your health, your performance, your appearance, or all of the above, your results depend on how consistent you are.

But it’s hard to get started and even harder to keep going week after week.

You know you know you should work out, you know what foods you should eat…knowledge isn’t the issue. Even when you know what you need to do, it can still be a struggle to get yourself to do it.

Then what? Most self-help books will tell you things like, “break it down into small pieces,” or, “put it in your calendar.”

This is like saying, “just do it.” Just do it doesn’t work. Every action you take first begins with a thought. So why not dive into the root of the problem? Your mindset.

I’ve pinpointed 5 specific patterns of thinking you can learn and practice to stay consistent no matter what goal you’re working toward.

Join us for a presentation and Q&A about consistency on:

January 11, 2020
CrossFit Off the Grid

A few of the things you’ll learn about a consistent mindset are:

– How to reframe obstacles so that instead of avoiding them you WANT to tackle them
– Why optimism is NOT about thinking happy thoughts, and how the “right” kind of optimism can transform your progress
– How the way you think about your goal can trip you up before you even start—and how to sidestep this trap

Plus I’ll be sharing 4 additional tools you can take advantage of to keep yourself motivated when you feel stuck.

See you there!


Alicia is a writer and mindset educator, drawing on over a decade of experience as an orchestral violinist, bodybuilder, fitness coach, and nutrition coach, as well as education in habits, psychology, and neuroscience.

She’s the founder of Ritual Coaching, an online academy for mindset coaching designed to cultivate consistency, resilience, and happiness.



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