Getting Back to CrossFit & What’s Next @ CrossFit Off the Grid

As owners of CrossFit Off the Grid, we take our business very seriously. Not only is this business our dream, but as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” (Thanks, Spiderman)

This doesn’t mean that we take ourselves too seriously, but that we put a lot of thought into every aspect and detail of CrossFit Off the Grid. We focus on programming, coaching, equipment, programs, social events, members, and much more on a daily basis. We focus on creating a warm, friendly, supportive place for members to achieve their goals. These things are our responsibility.

Our gym has a huge impact on the lives and daily routines of our members. People change their work schedules, take time away from their families and children, form friendships, and put their health and bodies in our hands for the one-plus hour(s) a day they are within our 4 walls. Members look to us and each other to help them through the tough WODs and to do things they’ve never done before. That is the power of CrossFit.

Since we have identified CrossFit gym ownership as our calling, we have done countless hours of self-development, voluntary education, and hard ass work to create a place worthy of the name CrossFit, but more importantly, worthy of our members. CrossFit is kind of magical, to the extent that it can heal peoples’ bodies and souls. The things we have witnessed while on this crazy journey have made us laugh, cry, and celebrate together with the amazing people we call our CrossFit family. We also understand that since we joined CrossFit as athletes, the world has evolved. It is no longer “enough” to just do the bare minimum. Our members deserve better than the bare minimum that we experienced when we were baptized into the CrossFit religion.

Currently, we have a variety of programs, resources, and experts available for our members, at their fingertips. We have amazing things ranging from onsite physical therapy services, to nutrition coaching, to yoga, and beyond. However, what we want to remind people of when thinking about all of this, is that it is all in place to facilitate the benefits of CrossFit. We set out to create a culture that, no matter what your age or fitness level, you can be a CrossFit athlete. The best things about being a CrossFit athlete are that they are strong, they have information and knowledge about how to eat to properly fuel their bodies (for life), and they are able to move better than they did when they started.

So, as we move into the last week of the 2017 CrossFit Games Open… think about the POWER of CrossFit and how it impacts your life. Let’s get back to focusing on lifting in the gym so you can lift your grandkids later. Let’s remember that every sit up will better enable us to get out of bed in the morning; and, that the love and support of our friends and family at CrossFit Off the Grid also helps us to have a better day once we get out of bed.

Let’s do some CrossFit. We are happy that it is our responsibility to give you the BEST place around to do just that.


Barb & Kenny

What’s Next?

As the CrossFit Open concludes, we are excited to take a few weeks to de-load and recover. We will not have a specific cycle during that time, but rather focus on having some fun. We will do some gymnastics, some skill work, and also some lifting. Look out for some fun WODs, or things you haven’t seen in a while. After, we are excited to continue our year with a new training block, carefully planned to help you all get the skills you need to perform even better in next year’s CrossFit Games Open.

You have all done some amazing things so far, and every day we love seeing you take new strides, achieve new goals, make new friends, and more. One thing we ask, be kind to yourself. We are so proud of every single person in the gym, and we would love to see you be proud of yourself.



This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow


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