Growth, Strength and Taking Out the Trash: by Kat Norcutt

Crossfit Off the Grid annual fitness competition Summer Slam 2018 sponsored by MBstix

Our members are a group of incredible humans. A story from Kat Norcutt:

People often ask me about my journey of weight loss/diet. I sometimes think what they don’t see on the back side is what changed me as an individual the most. My journey started with CrossFit, in turn finding something I was missing my entire adult life and didn’t even know it existed. I missed physical activity, and passion. Most of all, feeling good about myself.

Today was one of those stand out moments for me.

This may sound silly to most, but here goes.. Our neighbors moved out 1 week ago leaving the house empty. On Saturday there was a distinct smell of rotting flesh, I’m sure you guessed it, they left a trash can full of food they tossed from the freezer (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t a dead body).

Long story short my husband put the can by the curb for trash pick up today. I literally sat by my window this morning to make sure they took it. The trash guy started to walk away, I ran out in my pj’s and asked them to please take it. He said he couldn’t lift it on his own and was my husband home? I said no but hold on… I then ran into the house changed into crappy clothes (just in case). Came back out and helped him deadlift that vile smelling can into the dumpster.

So, Nick Seabock and to the rest of my family at OTG, thank you, I can safely breathe again outside my home!!!

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