Health, Wellness and Our Relationship with Food.

I wasn’t always conscious of my food choices.

Growing up, I was raised on Hamburger Helper, frozen White Castle and the occasional “homemade” spaghetti and meatballs which was really just a jar of Ragu and frozen pre-made meatballs. I had a myriad of food allergies and because of that, I justified my terrible eating habits. McDonalds before school for “breakfast” and WaWa hoagies everyday for “lunch” and don’t forget the crap-ton of soda and Doritoes everyday.

No wonder my body constantly felt sluggish, tired and inflamed.

Taking all of that into consideration, you can imagine how intimidating the first month of culinary school was. Creating something from its raw state? This was a world totally foreign to me and I was equal parts excited and terrified.

Fast forward 8 years, I had worked in multiple kitchens, became the Sous Chef at Fuze Restaurant in Avalon and have made many lifestyle changes to both my diet and fitness habits. I would have never imagined living a healthy lifestyle that has become centered around my physical and mental well-being, constant fitness and looking to take on new challenges.

Our relationship to food and understanding of its role in our daily lives can change. When it comes to health and wellness, nutrition is the foundation that we build upon. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with consistent efforts, old habits can change.

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