Meet our RD Jill Kalitz!

Everyone started somewhere, even our Nutrition Coaches!

Today, Coach Jill speaks to how she got to this point and what made her want a career as a Registered Dietician.

“Growing up I always had a good relationship with food, myself and my body image, until one day, I didn’t. The relationship went south when I was in high school. No, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment but somehow I had developed a poor sense of worth and TERRIBLE body image. I gradually fostered terrible habits, lost a ton of weight that I actually didn’t have to lose, was miserable and unhealthy. These habits negatively impacted my family, well-being, athleticism and myself.

I saw a Registered Dietitian along the way and began slowly rebuilding my self worth and bettering my body image. Most importantly, I learned how to love myself, my body and food all over again. It didn’t happen over night and the journey was far from perfect. Seeing an RD taught me the responsibility to take care of myself, practice healthful eating and self care patterns.

When it was “time” to pick a career, I could only see myself as a Registered Dietitian to share all I have learned with others, along with my old love of food. The road from disordered eating to Registered Dietitian has been one of the hardest, yet best learning experiences of my life leading me to an amazing career path far.”

Later this week, Coach Jill will highlight the differences in skills of a Registered Dietician and a Nutrition Coach.

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