Mindfulness Practices

Today I wanted to share some mindfulness practices that you may find useful during this challenging time.

The following will be guidance under the scope of our training, but perhaps you will find it applicable to other areas
too in your life.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s going on, or rather, what is also not going on right now.
Our mental well-being is also a big part of our health, so even if you are physically OK right now, maybe you are
experiencing anxiety, fear, uncertainty etc, that’s holding you back in your training.

Here are a few points that may help you:
What is the story you are telling yourself right now?

Take a moment and simply observe how you feel. There is no right or wrong here, perhaps you don’t even know how
you will describe it. Just observe the thoughts that pop into your mind without judgement.
“What’s the point of training right now”
“Nobody cares. I will not get better (lack of equipment, group etc)”
“All my hard work I’ve done will decline”

Now ask yourself this;
Am I being the best version of myself right now, under these circumstances?
Are these statements true?
Do I let these thoughts dictate my behavior?

CrossFit scores have always been you versus you. As much as we love the leaderboard and some friendly
competition, now especially is the time to focus on how you can make the most out of this situation.

Be kind to yourself, but also hold yourself to a standard. Keep showing up for your exercise routine and encourage
others to do the same if possible. Stay connected to the community, somebody may need your support right now.

Our bodies are made to move and there is a mind-body connection that will always be rewarding, a little is better than

One way I find particularly useful to connect to the present is through breathing.

If your mind is racing, start with some simple box breathing:
Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and count slowly to four.
Let the air expand your belly and lungs.
Hold the breath (don’t strain or tense up here) for 4 seconds, then slowly exhale for 4 seconds.
Once all the air is exhaled, relax with no breath for 4 seconds.
Repeat this four times.

I highly recommend doing this after your workout too, you will be surprised how efficient this is!

Lastly I would like to add how grateful I am to have you all. Please feel free to share any thoughts to the community!
Even if the situation is not ideal right now, you can still take action and hold yourself accountable on how you respond
to adversity.

Remember, everyone processes change differently. It’s okay to be sad, frustrated, etc but don’t let that define who
you are.



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