Staying Accountable During Travel!

This time of year, one question is on everyone’s mind: How do I track while I’m traveling and on vacation?

Coach Madison breaks down a few simple solutions to ease your worries!

First, if you are road tripping, the easiest thing you can do is to pack a cooler! Pack up some of your favorite go to snacks along with a sandwich or protein shake to help you hit your goals.

Second, if you have to stop at a rest stop, try to make the “best” choices rather than striving for perfection. An example would be to go for the fresh fruit cups rather than the candy.

Third, if you’re in a hotel or your Air BnB, find out where the local grocery store is and stock up on some essentials like fruit, baby veggies, humus, and deli meat. This can also be very budget friendly and cost effective so you can save your money for fun activities while on vacation!

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