Summer Party Tips!

Does heading out to summer parties make you anxious because you’re worried about your nutrition?

Don’t let it with these tips from Coach Madison on how to prepare heading out to those summer parties.

The biggest tip for success? Eat before you head to the party! Heading to the party on an empty stomach, your eyes are going to be bigger than your stomach. Have a high protein meal so you aren’t ravenous when you get there!

Eat those lower calorie snacks like fruit and veggies rather than the chips and pretzels. If you want do want to eat higher calorie foods like dips, utilize a smaller plate so you can monitor your portions.

Don’t be afraid to bring your own dish! Whether that be a dessert or a main dish, make it macro friendly! There are tons of macro friendly alternatives and recipes you can make for you and others to share. The best part? No guilt!

Let us help you navigate your nutrition journey-



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