The Nutritional Hierarchy: Macros!

The next phase of the nutritional hierarchy you ask?

Macros of course!

After completing the first step of finding your caloric need, it’s time to figure out your caloric make up or in other words your macros.

Macros are important because they help our body to function properly. When configuring your macro makeup its important to consider the calorie demand of the dieter and the unique effects of each macro nutrient for body composition and performance.

The ration of macros is what fills up a daily calorie goal which plays an important role in the percent of muscle gained, the amount of muscle retained, the amount of energy available during training, and other factors such as baseline hormonal function.

Macro breakdowns should only come after a caloric goal has been established. When creating a caloric deficit along with a proper macro ratio, your body should start to see changes in body composition as well as seeing improvements of overall performance.

Stay tuned for later this week as we tackle the next phase of the hierarchy, nutrient timing!

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