Thinking of Others – by Tracy Martin

I am pretty positive all of us are tired of hearing yet another post about the Coronavirus … but I thought maybe I am feeling the way others are and just not ready to jump into the reality of how this thing is really taking over our normal, daily routine. My thoughts with my family and others that I have shared are about to be told.

First – let’s make this a part of our daily routine. However, when doing that – it takes many things that maybe some of us don’t do on a daily basis or think of or even realize how this can truly affect others – even if we ourselves feel fine.

See, I don’t panic over this stuff because I’m a “glass half full” kinda girl. However, I’m also the mother of a daughter with a severe heart defect who had an appointment with her transplant doctor just yesterday. As we discussed the alert/worries/concerns we should have regarding Samantha. The doctor stated something that made complete sense to me and I didn’t think of it until she said it – “just think of others”.

What she meant is many of these cases that are happening are because someone was infected and just didn’t let anyone know OR someone close to them was infected and they felt fine so again, didn’t let anyone know. PLEASE NOTE – I am NOT a medical expert, but I listen when a transplant doctor advised us and she made some quick, easy “rules” if you will: wash hands, keep 6 ft distance from people, go by the general rule that you should not be in a room with more than 10 people at a time at this point, if you think you are sick – GET CHECKED, if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus then follow protocol and if someone you are close to, live with, work with is diagnosed – follow protocol. Please just always – consider others.

There is a saying in the Autism Community “Awareness is Contagious”. Maybe this is a time to start sharing ideas with the intent to help rather than panicking and hoarding toilet paper rolls (I’m still confused about that). Let’s make ourselves aware and spread help instead of germs and do our best to prevent germs! There are so many people that live with diseases and if they are infected, they may stand the high chance of survival and being fine, BUT also face the chance of becoming very, very ill.

If we start at our gym alone, it could make a world of difference elsewhere. As long as we take preventative measures each time we come in and leave the gym, it is in turn spreading a lot of help to all the other areas we come in contact with! I have stepped up my hand washing game, sanitizing my cell phone nonstop, wiping down pens I use, computer keyboards, your computer mouse, sink knobs, doorknobs, toilet handles, etc. I will do everything and anything to help prevent bringing anything near my daughter who could have severe complications if she would become infected.

I don’t fear the future or tomorrow, but I do everything I can to make it easier to face. This is temporary and will subside. Stay healthy everyone – remember others – keep in mind CrossFit Off the Grid and the lovely pregnant mamas, the mamas that just had their babies, and the parents that have compromised children OR parents at home, etc.

THINK OF OTHERS – every day we can all make a difference in this thing!!!!

Tracy Martin



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