Unwritten Rules of the Gym

What are some unwritten rules at the gym?

We all know our experiences at CrossFit Off the Grid are unique and special. What are some things you can take away from this list and enhance the experience of others?

1. Be honest.

It’s easy to lose track of rounds and reps while fatigued and can be expected, but deliberately cutting reps to “beat” another member is in poor taste. It comes down to giving your best efforts everyday and challenging yourself to be better than yesterday.

2. No one left behind.

Everyone needs some extra motivation from time to time. Cheer on your fellow members who still may be working to finish round 5 of the workout. Try to hold off on putting your equipment away until everyone finishes. We are a special group of humans who work together to support each other along their unique fitness journey.

3. No cherry picking!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and that’s what makes us human! Learning new skills is great for your brain as it can improve your memory, productivity and can help you learn faster overall. It feels good to do well at something, but it feels even better to take on something difficult and overcome adversity.

4. Take care of the equipment.

Part of class is the ritual of bringing out, cleaning up (after everyone finishes!) and putting away the tools you have used to improve your day. There’s no need to throw your dumbbells or barbell unless safety is of concern. It only takes a few moments to put your bar, plates and equipment back on the racks and you’ll most likely get help from your fellow classmates!

5. Be kind to new members.

We all started our journey into the world of health and fitness at some point in time. Everyone has a story, everyone has a purpose and everyone has a why. For some, it may be easier than others, but we all deserve support and encouragement. First impressions last forever and supporting your fellow members can be a powerful tool to help them stay on track and continue to work on improving their quality of life.

6. Have fun!

The hardest part is getting started. Some days it will be easier to get up and get after it, but the day’s you feel like staying in bed are the opportunities to silence that voice in our head and force ourselves to take on the challenge of the day. Being comfortable may feel good, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel wonderful after completing a tough workout. The benefits will continue to take place throughout the day and will include, but not limited to; boost in immunity, upregulation of serotonin and dopamine, burning more calories throughout the day and reduction of blood sugar levels. Not to mention, our perspective of what is difficult will change and daily stressors become easier to handle.

What’s the best plan to start working out again? Check out our tips here: – http://crossfitoffthegrid.com/whats-the-best-plan-to-start-working-out-again/

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