You Have to Lose Before You Win! – by Dave Donapel

“Typically, when we think of losing, we do not associate positive thoughts unless we are talking about losing weight.

Losing weight is great, but not if you cannot sustain the way you achieved it.

My nutrition journey has changed drastically since joining the Nutrition program at Off the Grid. Yes, I lost weight but there were other things that I lost that were more important and through those losses I ultimately won!

The first thing I lost was the perception that to lose weight I would have to starve myself! That couldn’t be further from the truth. What I learned in the first week was you need to eat! Your body needs fuel just like your car in order to move.

No gas, no go!

All of my prior “diets” had involved some type of drastic change such as no carbs, no fat, fasting etc. that I could not sustain for very long. I would go 0 – 100 and cut everything out, followed by a binge after becoming frustrated.

Through the consistent support of the Coaches and other members in the Nutrition program, I learned that you can enjoy foods you normally eat and how to properly balance them so that you are providing yourself with the nutrients needed to become a better you.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Win #1

The second thing I lost thanks to the Nutrition program was Bad Habits.

When I finally sat down to really talk about my nutritional habits with my Coach, I realized I had developed some bad habits over the years.
One of them was giving up. Giving up on myself, on my workout programs and on my nutrition.

When I would start a new workout program, I would try the hot new supplement, only eat chicken, skip breakfast and then by dinner I was starving so I would overeat. Then I would dive headfirst into working out again, overdo it and feel like crap.

During the course of the 6 week challenge I learned that your nutrition goes hand & hand with your workouts. As I changed my eating habits, I noticed that my workouts became more efficient and effective. Rather than just grabbing a quick & easy meal or buying something from wawa or a pizza place I began prepping my meals on the weekend in order to make sure I was giving my body what it needed to meet the demands of the CrossFit programing at our box.

As I started to lose my old habits and make these new ones a regular part of my life, I began to see gains in my lifts, improved movement through workouts & overall felt better. Win #2

This brings me to the last thing I lost. Weight!

At the end of my 6 weeks I lost 9lbs. At no point in time did I feel like I was starving, I wasn’t unhappy & I didn’t quit! One of the best things that I gained from this was the ability to sustain the lifestyle change I developed in the nutrition program & the knowledge of how to be smart with my choices. I have not regressed and have managed to keep the weight off even with not being as strict as I was during the program.

I have the knowledge needed to continue on this journey and reach the new goals I’ve set for myself. Win #3!

If you’ve been struggling with your nutrition and want to get back on course, I highly recommend getting involved in the 6 week nutrition program. It’s easy, you’ll have support & you will see results. At some point you may hit a bump but that is to be expected. This program is made to get you started down the right path and knowing what to do when those bumps come up.

I never thought this would be something I would enjoy doing but I have completely adapted this new lifestyle and could not be happier.”

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